GLOW - Digital (mp3 or wav)

GLOW - Digital (mp3 or wav)

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Glow / Robyn Bennett
Glow was conceived on a porch in Algiers Point, New Orleans and born nine months later on Rue du Faubourg Saint Denis in Paris.  Soaking up the sounds, sights, smells and vibes of the Big Easy, Robyn Bennett and Ben van Hille start writing, recording and documenting their impressions during a month-long stay.  They discover a joined desire to go back to their roots, to make music together that speaks from the soul and rings true in the listener’s ear.

Format : mp3 or wav files download

Music & Lyrics : Robyn Bennett and Ben van Hille
Recordind and Mixing  : Fred Vectol @Studio Question de Son - Paris
Mastering :  Mickaël Rangeard @Studio Question de Son - Paris
Musicians : Robyn Bennett (vocal), Julien Omé (guitar), Laurian Daire (keyboards), Davy Honet (drums), Ben van Hille (trombone), Xavier Sibre (saxophones), Gino Chantoiseau (doublebasse). Special guest : Greg Zlap (Harmonica on "Take Up Space").

© 2019 - City Music Productions

Tracklist :
1 - It's Not Over
2 - Take Up Space
3 - Glow
4 - Together As One
5 - I'm Not Cool
6 - The Choice
7 - Big Easy Love
8 - You Left Too Soon
9 - Too Hot
10 - Nothing
11 - Beyond His Years
12 - I Wouldn't Change A Thing